Rightscale’s “STATE OF THE CLOUD REPORT 2017” is here

Cloud service company Rightscale has published its annual “State of the cloud report” for 2017.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Companies are already using 4 different clouds and experimenting with 4 more, and a majority of workloads are now running in cloud (private or public)
  • 95 percent of organizations surveyed are running applications or experimenting with infrastructure-as-a-service
  • Private clouds are loosing: Private cloud adoption fell from 77 percent to 72 percent
  • Azure increases market penetration, reducing the AWS lead: Overall Azure adoption grew from 20 to 34 percent of respondents, while AWS stayed flat at 57 percent of respondents.
  • Enterprises run 75 percent of workloads in the cloud with more in private cloud (43 percent) vs. public cloud (32 percent).
  • SMBs run 83 percent of workloads in the cloud with more in public cloud (50 percent) vs. private cloud (33 percent).

This is how big the companies of the respondents were (half of them were under 1000 employees):


They separated the about 1000 respondents into 4 groups (only 6% have no cloud plans):

  • 14% Cloud Watchers are organizations that are developing cloud strategies and plans but have not yet deployed applications into the cloud. Cloud Watchers want to evaluate available cloud options and determine which applications to implement in the cloud.
  • 22% Cloud Beginners are new to cloud computing and are working on proof-of-concepts or initial cloud projects. Cloud Beginners want to gain experience with the cloud in order to determine future projects.
  • 25% Cloud Explorers have multiple projects or applications already deployed in the cloud. Cloud Explorers are focused on improving and expanding their use of cloud resources.
  • 33% Cloud Focused businesses are heavily using cloud infrastructure and are looking to optimize cloud operations as well as cloud costs.

For larger and smaller companies this looks as follows:


Greater cloud experience continues to unlock increasingly greater levels of value for organizations. Respondents report a growth in the benefits that their organizations get from cloud computing as they mature.


In the SMB segment, AWS is the clear leader, Azure catches up.


The most virtual machines are running on AWS:



Author: Dirk Paessler

Founder and CEO, Paessler AG

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