This is my favorite free weather outlook widget for my dashboards

With PRTG I can do “live” monitoring of things, e.g. environmental stuff like the current sunlight (solar panels), my heating system and temperatures throughout the building. I also wanted to add a look into the future so I looked around for a html widget to display the weather outlook that I could add to my PRTG maps.

There are many services online that provide free homepage widgets. I think the following are the most notable, nice-looking, informative ones.

My personal favorite: meteoblue

Swiss website offers three different widgets and they are highly customizable. This first one is the one that I am actually using an my dashboards now. The widgets may be used for commercial and non-commercial projects. More than 20 languages are supported:

This is the widget that I decided to use. It has a low-profile design, looks 4 days into the future, and displays temperatures, wind, rain, etc.

Weather widgets from

The hotel booking webpage offers more than 20 different widgets in many languages. Widget

Another highly customizable widget comes from The website is only available in German, but as the only one in this list it offers script-based widgets and well as image-based widgets, too (which are easier to embed into webpages).

Wetter Widget by offers a simple widget in various sizes and a nice design. It is only available in German:

Homepage Widget by

This widget is available in 2 sizes and you can change the colors.
It is only available in German:

Author: Dirk Paessler

CEO Carbon Drawdown Initiative -- VP Negative Emissions Platform -- Founder and Chairman Paessler AG