Submarine cables: The true backbone of the Internet (video documentary!)

Did you know that less than 1% of the global Internet traffic is transmitted via satellites? The actual workhorses are 1.1 million kilometers of submarine cables that lay on the bottom of the ocean floor. More than 400 of these cables connect the continents and make the Internet a really global thing. But how did they get there and how do they survive?

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Digital in 2017 Global Overview

Did you know…

  • that 50% of the 7.5 billion people on earth are Internet users (annual growth 10%)
  • that >85% of the people in North America and Europe are Internet users
  • that 66% of the 7.5 billion people on earth are mobile phone users, and each one of them has 1.6 SIM cards/contracts on average (8 billion, more SIM cards than people on earth)
  • that 45% of global web traffic comes from laptops & desktop (down by 20% from last year)
  • that 50% of global web traffic comes from mobile phones (up by 30%)
  • that 37% of the global population are social media users and 55% of them check in every day
  • that an average smartphone uses 1.9 GB of data per month (globally!)

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The End of Cloud Computing…

Be prepared to have your mind blown in 25 minutes… Peter’s key statement: “The entire world becomes the domain of IT.” In the next 10 years trillions of cheap sensors&cpus (inside almost everything that has some value) will shift computing power to the edge that will dwarf today’s cloud. And suddenly the IT people will not only run the world from the cloud, but the whole world itself.
How can we say cloud computing is coming to an “end” when it hasn’t even really started yet?? Because the edge — where self-driving cars and drones are really data centers with wheels or wings — is where it’s at. So where does machine learning in the enterprise come in? How does this change IT? As software programs the world, these are some of the shifts to look at…

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