Unsere Optionen zur Reduktion unserer CO2-Emissionen (in 3 Minuten)

In diesem Artikel versuche ich in 3 Minuten erklären, was wir tun können (und müssen) damit wir die Klimaerwärmung auf unter 2° begrenzen, so wie es die Nationen der Welt im Paris-Vertrag mit gutem Grund vereinbart haben.

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Die Grundlagen der Klimakrise (in 3 Minuten)

In persönlichen Gesprächen und auch in der öffentlichen Diskussion fällt mir immer wieder auf, wie wenig die grundlegenden Fakten zum Thema Klima bekannt sind – obwohl sie uns alle betreffen. Hier ist mein Beitrag diese Situation ein bisschen zu verbessern: eine Serie von kurzen Artikeln, die man jeweils in 3 Minuten lesen kann, zum Thema Klima und CO2.

In diesem ersten Artikel möchte ich versuchen, die aus meiner Sicht wichtigsten Basis-Informationen zum Thema zusammenzutragen. Zusätzlich gibt es noch zwei weitere 3-Minuten-Artikel zu den Folgen der Erwärmung und den möglichen Maßnahmen zur CO2-Reduzierung.

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Comparison: Seven devices between €69 and €500 for monitoring environmental parameters like temperature and humidity with PRTG

As the founder of “The network monitoring company” Paessler AG it came quite natural to me to not only monitor our home network but also various environmental metrics in our family home. We had moved into our new home a year and a half ago and having temperature data series has been quite helpful to do the fine tuning and bug-fixing of the heating and venting systems.

I am not so much a maker person like my colleagues who built their own smart thermometers for our office building. I like to use prefabricated devices. So I ordered 6 different out-of-the-box devices (mostly from Amazon) to monitor temperatures etc. in our house. I connected all these sensors to my PRTG installation which also monitors the heating system and solar panels via ModbusTCP and many other systems of the house.

Read on in my blog post on the Paessler company blog.

My Fridays-for-Future project: Monitoring the CO₂ in the atmosphere to stay aware of Earth’s most important metric

Today thousands of students of the Fridays-for-Future movement are on strike. They protest for more aggressive action against climate change. Formally I am not a student anymore, but I consider myself a life-long learner and student of life as well. So here is my student-contribution for global awareness of the CO₂ crisis.

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This is my favorite free weather outlook widget for my dashboards

With PRTG I can do “live” monitoring of things, e.g. environmental stuff like the current sunlight (solar panels), my heating system and temperatures throughout the building. I also wanted to add a look into the future so I looked around for a html widget to display the weather outlook that I could add to my PRTG maps.

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